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Papers delivered

Community Brochures

Studies Day Brochures

Please note that papers presented at the Northbridge History Studies Days are available online via the electronic archive. Use the 'Search by Group' function and select 'Studies Day'.

Available (in limited supply from the State Library Bookshop, Cultural Centre) is Northbridge Studies Day Papers 2007/2008 edited by Dr John N Yiannakis and Dr Felicity Morel-EdnieBrown. (until stocks sold out)

Hidden Histories of Northbridge Podcast Walking Tour

Download the 'Hidden Histories of Northbridge Podcast Walking Tour' through the home page.

Lisa Calautti's podcast of Northbridge, as presented in her 2010 Northbridge Studies Day paper

Download Lisa Calautti's podcast of Northbridge through the home page.

Alan's Eye: A Personal journey through Northbridge, written by Alan Lloyd

  • This book is available online via the documents section of the electronic archive and downloadable as separate streets. See the list below for the reference numbers. Please note that some of the sections are large and may take some time to download.

    NBHDC-0460 : Index
    NBHDC-0461 : Introduction
    NBHDC-0462 : Cultural Centre
    NBHDC-0463 : Beaufort Street
    NBHDC-0464 : Museum Street
    NBHDC-0465 : Francis Street
    NBHDC-0466 : Roe Street
    NBHDC-0467 : Chung Wah Lane
    NBHDC-0468 : James Street
    NBHDC-0469 : William Street
    NBHDC-0470 : Lake Street
    NBHDC-0471 : Aberdeen Street
    NBHDC-0472 : Fitzgerald Street
    NBHDC-0473 : John Street
    NBHDC-0474 : Little Shenton Lane
    NBHDC-0475 : Parker Street
    NBHDC-0476 : Russell Square
    NBHDC-0477 : Shenton Street
    NBHDC-0478 : Newcastle Street
    NBHDC-0479 : Palmerston Street
    NBHDC-0480 : Addendum


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