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Northbridge History Studies Day

The Northbridge History Studies Days were held in 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010. 
They were established to allow some of the hidden histories of Northbridge to be documented and shared.

Much valuable research had already been undertaken by individuals and communities but, through the Studies Days, the history of Northbridge - and the unique and special place that it occupies in the history of our state - became more widely known.

Speakers at the Studies Day included historians, community leaders together and others who, through research and interaction with the people and places of Northbridge, had acquired significant knowledge about the area.

Each presentation, whether academic or community-based, explored a different aspect of Northbridge's history, reflecting the diversity and complexity of its development. In many instances, the material presented had never before been made publicly available.

Studies Day papers are available via the Northbridge History Project's Electronic Archive. Use the 'Search by Group' function and select 'Studies Day'.

Selected papers from the 2007 and 2008 Studies Days were developed further and form Chapters in a fascinating volume. Available (in limited supply from the State Library Bookshop, Cultural Centre) is Northbridge Studies Day Papers 2007/2008 edited by Dr John N Yiannakis and Dr Felicity Morel-EdnieBrown. (until sold out)


Northbridge History Studies Day 2010 (Fourth and Final Studies Day)

The Fourth and Final Northbridge History Studies Day was held on Sunday, 23 May. The presenters explored the culture and persona of Northbridge. Download the brochure via the publications page.

Many thanks to the sponsors of the 2010 Studies Day: City of Perth. Town of Vincent, Central Institute of Technology and EPRA.

2010 Presenters included:

Morning session:

Mr Michael Sutherland MLA, Member for Mount Lawley - Speaking of Northbridge        

The Right Honourable the Lord Mayor Lisa Scaffidi - Northbridge: a vital and complex quarter of the city                      

Professor Geoffrey Warn – Sphere of action: the idea of Northbridge

Mrs Joane Gilbert – The Northbridge of my mind: mapping  Australian memories  

Mr Emanuele Muratore - Northbridge: the beat, the bands, the buzz

Afternoon session:

Mrs Wendy Birman - Northbridge: a cultural heartland

Mr Ross McCallum - Fleeting images: film and presence in Northbridge

Ms Lisa Calautti - Northbridge: a little world of big diversity north of the line         

The Reverend Father Edward Doncaster – Saints and sinners: discovering religious presence in Northbridge

Ms Marjorie Bly – Finding Northbridge in the National Archives         


Northbridge History Studies Day 2009

The 2009 Northbridge History Studies Day was held on Sunday, 24 May and the programme was exciting. Download the brochure via the publications page.

The Northbridge History Project was delighted to be presenting the Northbridge History Studies Day in association with the City of Perth. Town of Vincent, Central TAFE and the History Council of Western Australia.

2009 Presenters included:

Morning session:

The Right Honourable The Lord Mayor Lisa Scaffidi: Creating Northbridge’s future through recognition of its rich past

Dr Richard Walley: Welcome to Country and the Indigenous connection to Northbridge

Ms Diana Warnock: ‘Recollections of a raconteur’: remembering Northbridge

Dr Lise Summers: Civilising Ultima Thule: Northbridge - a case study in moral and physical improvement

Mr Alan Lloyd: ‘Creating Alan’s Eye’: a personal journey through Northbridge

Afternoon session:

Assosciate Professor Samina Yasmeen (paper delivered by Ms Zarlasht Sarwari): Muslim Australian Contributions: Bux Family as a Case Study

Mr Barry Strickland: ‘The wrong side of the tracks’ - culture in Northbridge

Adjunct Professor Ian Ker: ‘Shaping Northbridge’: rails, roads and a sense of place

Ms Jo Darbyshire (paper delivered by Ms Gina Pickering): Gay and Lesbian history in Northbridge

Mrs Tanya Newport-Edwards: ‘Under attack?’ - wartime experience in Northbridge

Dr Elaine Dowd: The ‘rosy’ glow of Northbridge - changing perceptions of prostitution

Mr Ross McCallum was unable to present his paper 'Fleeting images’: film and presence in Northbridge in 2009, and delivered this paper at the 2010 Studies Day.


2008 Northbridge History Studies Day

The 2008 Northbridge History Studies Day was held on Sunday, 18 May. Participants experienced a fascinating journey through the history of Northbridge from the perspective of different speakers.

Presenters included:

Morning session:

Mr Noel Nannup: Welcome to Country

Mr John Hyde, MLA, Member for Perth: 'Changing the Scene': the second Northbridge History Studies Day

Emeritus Professor Geoffrey Bolton: Northbridge: Australia in miniature

Mr Darren Clark : If you're not now you never were: Exposing Northbridge

Dr Bobbie Oliver: ‘Be workmen still, be workmen true’: Labor history and heritage in Northbridge

Mr Richard Offen: Northbridge heritage: friend or foe?

Afternoon session:

The Deputy Lord Mayor Councillor Michael Sutherland: Northbridge Renaissance: working together to make it happen

Mr Marcus Canning: ‘Amazing and different’: history in the 2007 Northbridge Festival

Professor Jock Collins: Northbridge: a changing inner-city ethnic landscape

Mr Peter Conole: Northbridge: Policing revealed

Dr Keith Shilkin : Jewish Northbridge

Dr Christine Choo: The socially and economically disadvantaged in Northbridge – a recent history (1960s–2007)


Download the brochure for the 2008 Northbridge History Studies Day via the publications page


2007 Northbridge History Studies Day

The inaugural Studies Day was held on Saturday, 12 May 2007. Presentations included:

John Hyde, MLA: Northbridge - using its History to revitalize Perth

Most Reverend Barry Hickey: Irish to Italian: the changing Northbridge - A personal perspective

Associate Professor Jenny Gregory: Northbridge and Carlton: a tale of two inner city suburbs

Halina Szunejko: The Polish Connection to Northbridge

Dr Susanna Iuliano: 'Espresso Bar Lifestyles': Italian migrants and café culture in Western Australia

Emma Benichou: Northbridge through the eyes of a 'flaneur'

Dr Nonja Peters: On the Street where you Live: Inner City Immigrant Enterprise

Kaylene Poon: The Chinese in Northbridge

Dr John N. Yiannakis: The Chicken or the Egg: Greek Settlement in Northbridge

Vicki Vitali: Rediscovering Northbridge through Local History Study

Dr Felicity Morel-EdnieBrown: The Swamp Stealers: Envisaging the swamps of Northbridge


Download the brochure for the 2007 Northbridge History Studies Day via thepublications page

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